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Learn to Sing!

I’ve lost count of the amount of conversations about singing I’ve overheard whilst out shopping or having dinner… It seems to be something that crosses all of our minds at some point - ‘can I sing’?! And through the exploiting of unknown vocal talents (and the not so talented…) on the likes of the X Factor, it brings the question of whether everyone can sing even further to the forefront!

From my experience of students knocking on my door in Tunbridge Wells, everybody has the potential to drastically improve, and everybody is very different in the way they learn to sing! I say, give it a go. I’m honest, but will always find the positives as well as the not so good bits that require the most work! Where most students go wrong, is not believing and not committing to becoming a better vocalist.

The worst thing as a singing teacher is when a student comes for lessons and fights everything I advise! I want you to develop your talents, so not listening to my thoughts on your performance and how to make it better means you won’t make it better!

If you think you can believe in improving, if you can learn to trust my advice and put the hours in to implement it, and if you’re based locally to Tonbridge/ Tunbridge Wells/ Sevenoaks/ Maidstone areas please get in contact on to arrange an introductory session. I’d love to meet you!

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