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The Story.

Hey Mamas! Firstly, congratulations on being a Mama - the most wonderful, fulfilling and emotionally challenging journey!! You've reached this point already which in itself is a huge accomplishment so well done YOU! A lifetime of highs, lows and everything in-betweens is ahead of you and I'm here to encourage more of the highs and less of the low... 

As a new Mama myself, I am also in the midst of the motherhood madness! I was fortunate enough to have a pretty positive birth story which set me up for a good few months of new mama euphoria, but then the reality of being a self employed mama hit and the financial stresses & moments of mama loneliness struck quite unexpectedly which I was totally unprepared for. I realised quite quickly that the main cause of this was me spending time away from my baby too soon due to having to work & doing nothing fun for me! I took my baby to classes for him but there are only so many goo-goo gah-gah conversations I could handle on zero sleep. I found a fab mama baby yoga class which certainly lifted me somewhat but my thing is music and I realised there was a huge gap in the market for mama baby classes that welcome mamas with their babies but are primarily classes for the mamas. 

Singing is my saviour. Always has been, probably always will be, and as a vocal coach, I want you to enjoy the benefits too. It is the ultimate wellness activity for our hearts, souls, voices, and easily one of the best quick fixes to keep baby happy. Next time your little person is grumpy, try popping on some Bob Marley or a classic Disney hit and I bet it acts as a lovely little reset button!


**FREE Taster class**

Thursday 14th September 2023

Mama Sing welcomes you all - whether you're someone that thinks they can't sing to save their life or someone that's a previous West End performer! As a vocal coach, this class is designed to get you all singing freely to your babies and you know what... the babies are an amazing distraction from the fact you're singing in front of other people and before you know it, you'll all be singing in your own zone busy focused on entertained a baby! The songs will easily transfer into solo pieces for when you're home and work as beautiful group pieces for when we're together.


AIM: Mamas leave class feeling a sense of release, energised & happy / Babies leave class feeling content & thinking their idol (that's you Mama!) is talented & hilarious & entertaining in equal measure!

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to book your space now! 

Pink Sugar

Live YOUR Life Mama.

This is the beginning of your beautiful baby's life and an edited improved version of yours. 

Keeping yourself feeling like you throughout the journey of motherhood is a challenge like no other. There's way too much speculation around it all becoming about baby, which of course it is, but there has to be some YOU time throughout your journey to maintain a happy healthy balance in your life (and relationship if you're in one). I've made it my mission to flag the things I notice improve my headspace, be it a destination to visit, an activity that prioritises you, a day to day thing like making sure you add a pop of colour to your day by wearing a bright colour of lippy! Follow my Live Your Life Mama Insta page for my latest... 

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